Hey! I'm Quanshavia

I grew up in the projects of Orlando, FL, to a single mother of 8 children. I fell in love with poetry and writing because my mother gave me journals and diaries to express myself at a young age. 

At the age of 15, my friends loved to read my poetry and journals, and as I watched them so intrigued by my writing, I knew someday I would be an Author. I endured a lot of pain and heartache throughout my life, and I decided to use my writing to help others.


In 2018, she released her first autobiography titled “Save me from my unbroken cycles.” My book shares my experience and how mental health is ignored and dismissed in the black community, especially among our youth.


My story was relatable to women and young girls who have endured rape, molestation, abandonment, and abuse. This made women comfortable enough to share their stories with me. Due to the support and being approached by women with similar stories, I founded a nonprofit organization to help women overcome trauma called Purple Cape CORP. Within the first six months, the support group for Purple Cape grew to over 1600 members. In June of 2021, my second autobiography will be released called Divorce, Wrath, God. This is another book that will help change lives and encourage others. When I asked about my purpose, I always tell the world that if I can make it through, then so can you.
Through God, all things are possible if you believe.

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